About me

 My name is Silje Solstad, born in 86, comes from a small fishing village with the coast. Up north of Norway called Myre in Vesteraalen.  (Municipal center called Øksnes which has fostered the following handful famous people: Marianne meløy, Maria Solheim and Johan Remen Evensen

I have some hobbies and things I like to do when i don`t do anything else .. it's photography, friends, exercise on docks Fresh Centre and I doing Taekwon-do and like music ...

I'm so lucky that I am the aunt of five sweet nieces.
Sander Johan, Sebastian, Thea Elise  Julian Leander, Mathias Nikolai, and Noah
I adore them all over on this earth. They love to be visiting, as Aunt is "crazy" and the loft has lots of toys for big and small ...
The latest hobby in the street ATV .. kids can somehow not refrain. a small toy on 90cc intended for kids.
And my baby 50 cc


Here is a map, Look at Myre then you will find alot of info.