My meeting with Lizard lick


Lizard lick Towing and recovery is a local owned towing company by Ronnie And Amy Shirley. They are locaded East of Raleigh in Lizard lick North carolina.

i`ve met this people for the first time in May 2015 in Peterborough in UK during their evemt Truckfest  This people is sitting hours after hours signing pic and other stuff from fans.. WOW👍 this year i was standing 3hrs &15min in line to get 4 autographs .. yes it was worth it even my back and feet was not agree..but who cares??


I decided to go visit them in the Us in 2016, we stoped by their office, meeting Heather at the front office, she took us over to the gift shop  just across the road, that was a cool place, alot of stuff on the wall, a map on the wall with a pin on wher the visitors come from.. norway was not on the map so we made Norway by word ..

We got some stuff and give them some stuff to.  had a nice day.. can not write everythhing we do online...


2017 - back again ! month vacation.. juhu...



Helicopter foto of the lick